What an incredible day to plant!

Tree planting in colourful fall under a windmill

On Saturday October 3rd, we set out to the Fleetwood Creek area to plant 100 shrubs and trees. It was an incredibly beautiful fall day overlooking hills, valleys and colourful forests.  We planted native shrubs in 3 different areas of the plot.  The goal is to increase the biodiversity to help feed the birds and animals.

COVID precautions did reduce the number of volunteer planters to 6. But with only 100 potted trees and shrubs, a landowner that had everything laid out and prepared for us, it was easy. At an easy pace, we finished well within 2 hours. The ground was pretty easy to work with as well. That makes a big difference. 
Our 10 trees per hour per person pace held up well and we had fun too!  Our small band of planters was incredibly happy. We do hope we can expand the numbers after COVID to help spread the joy and satisfaction of planting trees and shrubs.  All in all, it was incredibly satisfying. 

Thank you to all that contributed funds and helped plant!