We have a Location for Fall!

Plans for our fall tree planting are under way! We’ll be planting when the leaves have fallen, most likely the end of October. 

We’ve selected Lavender-Blu farm for the location! The farm is farm on Simcoe Street, just south of Seagrave. The goal is to have a mix of trees and shrubs that will create a windbreak and also provide food for humans and animals. 

What’s cool with this farm is that you’ll be able to come visit your tree as it grows! Mila, the owner of Lavender-Blu, you’ll takes amazing care of her gardens, trees and animals! 
As we did with this year’s spring planting, we’ll be having an education component for the kids who attend. 

For this planting, we’re applying for matching funding from the Scugog Water Fund (https://www.kawarthaconservation.com/scugog-water-fund). Because the farm is right beside the Nonquon River, this is a perfect location to help Lake Scugog! 

The challenge with any funding is the work that needs to go in before hand. You need to find a location and a willing landowner. That landowner needs to sign something that says she’ll look after the trees. You also need to calculate the number of trees and come up with a site plan. People come to visit and approve the location and plan. Then you apply and wait for approval.

If approved you have a year to buy your trees and shrubs and plant them. Once the trees are in the ground, they return for another site visit before releasing the matching funding. Our company, CMS Web Solutions, has guaranteed to fund any shortfall. This will guarantee the fall planting is a go whether we get funding or not. 

There are advantages to not applying for funding. You simply find a landowner, crowd-source funding, buy the trees/shrubs and plant. For this one we wanted to learn the process so we could share info here with you. Remember our goal is to inspire others to do their own small plantings! 

Soon, we’ll be asking people if they want to buy a few trees to help crowd source this initiative! So stay tuned!