Thinking About Flooding

Tree in water
Tree in water

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a lot of flooding in our area. One of the things that causes flooding is runoff.  We are losing trees to housing developments, expanding agricultural lands, disease and bugs.  And the loss of trees is contributing to the flooding from runoff.

Recently, the provincial government cancelled the 50 million tree planting initiative. They said that the forestry industry was planting enough replacement trees. Fair enough. But we need trees here, where we have flooding. 

So, then we asked ourselves, why not do it ourselves? I learned from creating a few 100 Men organizations that there is magic in keeping it simple. 

Some Small Decisions

So to start, let’s begin making some decisions:

Will it be perfect? No. But we’ll take imperfect action over perfect opinion any day. And we’ve learned from running our business, where you start isn’t where you end up. But you need to start!

Planning the Next Steps

So we did research about the Kawartha Lakes watershed. Streams and rivers flow into the lakes. The less trees around these streams and rivers, the more surface runoff there is. Before we start planting trees, why not find out more about the watershed? 

It’s always good to do a little forward planning.  

We have a meeting with some folks at Kawartha Conservation to learn more. 

We’ll keep you posted!