Thank you to all the supporters of the fall Plant A Forest planting!

For this planting, each dollar was matched by the Scugog Water Fund. That meant the trees and shrubs we bought were a bit bigger. 

It was a beautiful fall day. Pineneedle Farms delivered the stock the day before.  When we arrived Mila, owner of Lavender-Blu EcoFarm, had them laid out where they were to go. She said it took her about 6 hours to place them. Good to know!

As youth and education is important, we invited some Lindsay Cadets to join us. Together with some adult volunteers, the 20 of us were able to plant 250 trees in under 2 hours! 

It’s fun to start a new forest. This one will act as a windbreak, feed humans, animals, insects, help with water run off etc. Biodiversity at it’s best! 

This new forest will be coddled and cared for. Plus people will be able to visit them as they grow! 

For the next planting, we know that having enough volunteers will be important so we’ll be planning for that. Also, the fundraising needs to start a bit earlier. We loved the bigger trees and shrubs. Because we don’t expect to get matching funding, it would be great to raise enough to get the bigger ones. One of our ideas is to get more corporate sponsors. Our company, CMS Web Solutions, has committed to buy and plant 11 trees for every new client. 

We continue to learn with every planting and will post our lessons here. Our goal is to have others see how easy it is to do these plantings, learn from us and start their own! 

Because a forest begins with the planting of one tree. 

Richard & Sandi