Reflections from the Fall Planting

Plant A Forest Planters

Last week we received the final funding from Kawartha Lakes and the Scugog Water Fund. That closes off another successful planting! We’re now planning ahead for the spring planting. 

After the Christmas holidays we’ll be finalizing where we are planting. We aren’t going to be applying for any funding this time. But what we learned this last time is that it’s fun to buy seedlings but a bit bigger trees are more fulfilling. If we can get some other sponsors, we may be able to get the bigger trees. 

We learned from this last planting the importance of including children and youth. It just feels right. It’s fulfilling educating  the next generations on the importance of trees. Plus they get to return to see their trees grow. 

If you know a business or individual who may wish to pitch in and buy some trees for the spring planting, let us know. Or they can go to our Support the Project page and buy trees there! The spring planting, like all of our plantings, will focus on the Kawartha Lakes Watershed.  

If you know someone that wishes to do their own planting, feel free to have them contact us at