Plant a Forest becomes Plant Kawartha!

Plant Kawartha logo

Same, great logo, but a different name!

After five years and planting almost 6000 trees and shrubs, we’ve decided to change it up a bit. We were recently approached by the Kawartha Community Foundation, who runs a fund, called The Canopy Project. They asked if we would be interested in taking it over. The Canopy Project’s main focus was planting trees on Public lands in places like schools in the City of Kawartha Lakes area.

Recently, we were thinking of expanding our mission to include more biodiversity, like pollinator gardens, so the timing was perfect and it seemed like a great fit. After some discussions we agreed to take it over and later, while brainstorming, the new name Plant Kawartha popped into Sandi’s head. It was perfect! And it worked wonderfully with the logo, which we love. (BTW Plant a Forest hats are now collector items!)

Working with Kawartha Community Foundation means that we now have a charitable fund and can issue tax receipts as well as apply for grants. We’ve also acquired some additional expertise and connections including a long time, forester, a local tree farm, and a lot of enthusiastic people!

We have a small spring planting project of 500 trees that we’ve committed to along with finishing up two school plantings in the fall. After that, we’ll see what’s next. There are lots of directions we can go, but our main focus will be biodiversity and trying to keep it as simple as possible. Get funds, buy trees, shrubs and plants, get volunteers and plant Kawartha! (Great name, isn’t it?)