Our New Plant a Forest Logo!


The email went out to our graphic designer Heather Chapman at Heather Chapman Design. “We need a new logo for Plant a Forest”, can you help? “Of course!” came the reply. And so  began the creative process. 

Heather created 3 concept ideas. We wanted to be able to use the logo on different medium including websites, print, shirts etc. So we started with black and white ideas.  A tree with a planet, a couple trees with exposed roots. We chose a funky fun font so kids would find it fun. 

Next we showed it to an advisory board. A couple members advised covering the roots.  After a few back and forth emails, we added the .ca and some leaves. And then Heather nailed it! It’s always fun to open up a file and stare at a logo you love. It was the one with a tree and a spade, which could also be a root ball. So seedlings planted using spades, check! Bigger trees with root balls, check! The logo’s got the tree covered. Get it, tree cover? Sorry, still working on my humour. 

So what’s next? More fundraising! We put in an application to 100 Men of Scugog for the July meeting. Fingers crossed!