June Planting: Better Late Than Never!

Woman in Lavender Blu Field

Although COVID 19 cancelled our spring planting at Ken Reid park, we were not deterred! Once the tree nurseries were open, we decided we would forge ahead with a different location. But where? And what?

We had received a donation from artist Cathy Lombard. She was selling her handmade tree pots and wanted to use a portion of the proceeds from the sale. Coincidently, she sold some of her pots at Lavender-Blu in Seagrave, the location of our fall planting!

Picture of Forest Bowls

So we thought, “hey, why not go back to Lavender-Blu? The location is absolutely perfect. It’s also an eco farm and the Nonquon River runs right past it.

We called up Mila Haynos who owns the property to inquire if she would like any more trees. She excitedly said “Yes! Why not Saturday as the weather would be perfect?” Like many of our initiatives, this just seemed to flow so we agreed.

As it was late in spring, we needed potted trees which we found at Rockwood Forest Nurseries! They also had curb-side pick up. Perfect!

A quick call to a friend with a trailer and boom, we were in business! With Covid restrictions we’ll take 2 vehicles to pick up the trees. We’ll be wearing masks and ensure everyone is practicing safe distancing. We can’t have more than 5 people yet, so it will be a very small group. But we’ll get ‘er done!

More next week!