Give the Gift of Trees This Christmas!

Plant A Forest Christmas Ad

There are moments that occur that live with you forever. One of them happened a few weeks after one of our plantings. One of the children, who helped plant trees, asked her parents to buy her trees to plant rather than presents for her upcoming birthday. A smile still breaks out every time I remember that story.

Inspired, we thought others might want to buy some trees as gifts!

And unlike other programs, that plant all over the world, ours are planted right here in the Kawartha Lakes watershed!

We’ll insure we let you know when the spring planting is and will provide updates as we get them into the ground.

Need a certificate you can quickly print out? We can send you one! Just ask in the eTransfer comments.

So go on…buy some trees. It’s super easy. Then inspire your friends to do the same. Because buying and planting trees are a great way to put smiles on faces!