Fall Planting Is A Go!

Kristie Virgoe and Emma Collyer of Kawartha Conservation

Happy fall! We’ve been busy during the summer raising tree funds and shoring up the location.

Thank you to Kristie Virgoe and Emma Collyer of Kawartha Conservation for educating us on the importance of headwaters. This fall we’re planting at a the Fleetwood Creek head water location in a forest! Thank you Ralph McKim for clearing the land in preparation, picking the trees and even pitching in some funds! This environmentally important location is perfect. It’s around the Pontypool area, south of Highway 7A off of Highway 35.

We’ve already purchased the trees and shrubs from Pineneedle Farm and we’re ready to go. A BIG thank you to all who’ve contributed. You’re great tree buddies.

As this planting is a fall planting, we’ll be planting potted trees and shrubs chosen to suit the area.

The planting will take place early October. We’re still in COVID mode, so we’ve only invited a few donors to see if they’d like to help plant. Best to keep the group small!

We’ll let you know how it goes! Once finished, we’ll start planning the spring planting. Fingers crossed this pandemic thing doesn’t spoil a big planting.