At The End of October, we’ll Be Planting Trees!

A brief update! We’ve been awarded a matching grant from the Scugog Water Fund! What this means is that some of the seedlings we were planning to plant will get super-sized!  Well, not huge, but just one or two years older. 

So now we have a month to start raising some funds. We’ve added a page where people can pitch in and buy one, two or a whole bunch of trees. 

Why buy trees? We all have different reasons. Maybe you want to help with biodiversity or prevent run-off into Lake Scugog. Perhaps its to counter the carbon from that summer vacation or your daily car commute. Maybe you want to replace trees you’ve cut down for agriculture or housing.  Or maybe you just love trees and taking Sunday strolls through a forest.

Whatever the reason, we need to plant trees … lots of them. We hope you’ll join us and pitch in a bit!