And the Planting Begins!

Adults and children with shovels walking
Planting on a Canadian spring morning!

On Friday April 26th, we picked up 375 seedlings. We stored them in our garage overnight, making sure they stayed up-right in their bag. Amazingly, all 375 seedlings fit in to 1 one bag about the size of a seed bag. 

The weather forecast for planting day? Chilly, windy and snowy! Not a typical Canadian spring morning! But the seedlings needed to get into the ground, so we put the word out to dress up warm! Oh, and bring your own shovel! 

We had 2 planting groups. One was kids and their parents, the other group were seasoned planters. After we walked out to the field we got a quick lesson on the proper way to plant the seedlings. Everyone was ready and motivated to go! Our group with the kids ended up planting more than 75 trees in under an hour! The other group was even faster.

Next stop, warm up a bit by the green house, then afterwards meet and greet the farm animals! 

This new concept of crowd-sourced funded, grass-roots planting of trees has legs! We will develop this idea further. Our goal is to plant a lot more in the fall. Perhaps we’ll inspire others to do the same! 

Thanks to everyone who donated and came out to get this project off – and in – the ground.