1,300 Trees and Cadet Volunteers!

Shadow Farm

Our fall planting was a great success this year! Not only were we able to plant 1,300 trees and shrubs, but we were also able to enlist the services of two cadet corps. 41 PPHS RC(Army)CC and 172 RCACS Clarington (Air). There’s nothing like including 40 enthusiastic young men and women to assist. And they were great, we were finished by lunch!

We were back at Sheidow farm, at the head water of 2 systems. If you remember, in the spring we planted to continue the animal corridor. This time we continued but also planted close to a water pond. As our goal is biodiversity, we planted many berry shrubs as well as nut trees. Once these establish and grow, I’m sure the animals and birds passing through will be happy with our work.

In 2022 we were able to get 3,000 new trees and shrubs into the ground. That’s equivalent to offsetting the GHG of about 750 people for a year. That might not seem much, but we hope the seeds we planted in these young volunteer’s hearts will encourage them to plant even more in their futures.

See you in the spring!